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Is your house overcome with friendly and not so friendly creatures? Perhaps you have tried on your own to remove them, but haven’t been so successful? Are you concerned about taking care of the problem, but in an animal friendly way?

At ACS Animal Removal, we do our best to do animal removal in a way as to not harm the animals, yet at the same time eradicating the rodents from your home.

We first make a detailed inspection of your entire house, pinpointing the points of entry and observing the quantity and variety of animals that may be living within the walls and roof of your house.

After our inspection, we will set about eradicating the animals from your house. We take our time in this, as to not leave any animal behind. Seeing as most of these creatures are experts at hiding, we do whatever possible to draw them out. It takes a thorough inspection and efficient searching to make sure we have them all, but at ACS Animal Removal we guarantee successful animal removal.

If you find yourself awoken at night by the rustling of an animal over your head or find dark stains on your ceiling, you may have some kind of infestation in your attic. If you find yourself with creepy crawlers, don’t delay in contacting us today. We are here to help the residents of Cincinnati, OH feel safe in a clean rodent free house. Call us today for more information!

Bat Removal Services
While bats are great at keeping insect levels down, you are probably not interested in sharing your home with them. If you have a bat problem, let ACS Animal Removal help.

Bats can fit through the smallest openings in your home, but have no fear. ACS Animal Removal is fully experienced in locating bats’ entry points, releasing them humanely, and then sealing up the opening to protect you against future unwelcome houseguests.

We offer a host of sealing solutions from which to choose for both commercial and residential customers. It is important to keep in mind the month of the year when you call, particularly because during the summer months you may still have young bats in the home. Waiting until they are grown to the point necessary to be safely expelled from the home is very important.

We consider bat removal to be one of our specialties, and we recognize the fact that bats classify as Federally Protected Animals. This means that it is unlawful to either euthanize or kill a bat unless it has either bitten you or exposed you to disease. We will assess your particular situation via an on-site inspection, and we will determine from there how best to proceed.

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To maintain the highest degree of Competence, Integrity, and Service, the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association has developed a program for professional certification. The program was designed to present a means by which NWCOA couldn't only recognize individuals for their hard-earned achievements, but to also provide the general public with a confirmation that they are dealing with a true experienced professional.

Those who hold the title of Certified Wildlife Control Professional have demonstrated a wealth of both “hands-on” field experience and an exposure to a variety of industry related training programs. Candidates for certification must be able to establish no less than three years of professional practice, along with a minimum number of credit hours of board approved training courses and seminars.

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