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So now the animals are out and entry repairs finished. You can finally breathe. But wait, you don’t want them getting in again. So what do you do? ACS Animal Removal can calm your fears and allay your concerns. We will help to make sure that you learn all you can about animal prevention.

Sometimes a house is built in a way that encourages animal intrusion. Even after removing animals time after time, you may repeatedly find your home bombarded with wildlife setting up “house.” In that case, part of what we can do for you is look for ways to prevent that from ever happening again. Whether it is repairs that need to be done or even remodeling parts of your attic or basement.

Instead of having to call animal removal companies time after time, which can end up being costly no matter how affordable the service, a better plan of attack is to close up any and all possible entranceways. Sealing off open spaces, placing traps and establishing barriers are helpful ways of effective animal prevention.

If you feel like you need some help in animal prevention and management, our team members at ACS Animal Removal can help. Our highly trained and experienced team can have your house in perfect critter free shape in no time. We do animal removal, entry repair and management and protection, all at a very modest fee.

Your peace of mind in your house in Cincinnati, OH and all of Northern Kentucky area is worth it! Call us to get started today!

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To maintain the highest degree of Competence, Integrity, and Service, the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association has developed a program for professional certification. The program was designed to present a means by which NWCOA couldn't only recognize individuals for their hard-earned achievements, but to also provide the general public with a confirmation that they are dealing with a true experienced professional.

Those who hold the title of Certified Wildlife Control Professional have demonstrated a wealth of both “hands-on” field experience and an exposure to a variety of industry related training programs. Candidates for certification must be able to establish no less than three years of professional practice, along with a minimum number of credit hours of board approved training courses and seminars.

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