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Once the crawling, flying or slithering creatures are removed, the fun part begins. Animal entry repair: cleaning up after the mess they most likely have made. There is often excrement to be cleaned up and entry holes made by the animals to close up. All of this needs to be done in a way that leaves your house looking as good as it was before these “friendly” little creatures decided to make your home their home.

Insulation replacement is often needed if the animal problem is in the attic. After years of being soiled, it is important to your health and the maintenance of your home to get it taken care of. Nests need to be cleared out and, depending on how the animal got in, you may find yourself replacing wooden beams or boards in your house.

Hopefully most entrance spots are easy to fix, but if you find yourself with a bigger situation on your hands, at ACS Animal Removal, we offer animal entry repair at an affordable price.

We know you don’t want to have to deal with this problem any longer and we make it our job to make sure you don’t have to. Our team will discuss animal entry repair options with you to make sure the problem is fixed in the best way possible and in the way you prefer. We analyze and discuss the spots where animals may try to get in, in the future, and set about preventing a new infestation.

We know how annoying and time consuming an animal situation can be, so we take our time to make sure you don’t have to face it again. We treat your house as if it was our own, because we know what it feels like.

If you think you need some help with animal entry repair and removal, call us at ACS Animal Removal to help! Residents of Cincinnati, OH and all of Northern Kentucky are no longer have to worry about snakes or bats! We’ll help you out!

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To maintain the highest degree of Competence, Integrity, and Service, the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association has developed a program for professional certification. The program was designed to present a means by which NWCOA couldn't only recognize individuals for their hard-earned achievements, but to also provide the general public with a confirmation that they are dealing with a true experienced professional.

Those who hold the title of Certified Wildlife Control Professional have demonstrated a wealth of both “hands-on” field experience and an exposure to a variety of industry related training programs. Candidates for certification must be able to establish no less than three years of professional practice, along with a minimum number of credit hours of board approved training courses and seminars.

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